Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daylight Robbery at the Makeup Counter - 8th May 2010

So - I've got a Myer card. a gift card.
I never ever shop at Myer - mainly due to the exorbitant prices and the overwhelming stench of pretention I smell when going near the store.
But I have a gift card so it's like free money and I'm pretty good at spending free money, and I do have a wedding coming up.. and I am doing my own makeup so I thought I might buy some new stuff.

I was browsing - as one does, and was set upon by a sales person disguised as a helpful lady.
I stupidly mentioned the word wedding and could almost hear the *kaching* sound in her head.
She sat me down and we started choosing colours.

She applied concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascarra, blush and lipstick. I was impressed with the outcome.. the eyeliner was a bit dodgy but I'm sure it's hard to put eyliner on another person.

I thought to myself - I might just buy the lot and a couple of brushes and recreate this look - with better eyeliner work - at home on the big day.

Price was never mentioned..... until she rang it up at the register....
now, I'm not completely stupid - I wasn't expecting AVON prices so I was prepared to pay about $180.
So, maybe I AM completely stupid because she said... "ok, that comes to $401"


Look - it may be free money but I'm pretty sure that she was daylight burglarising my free money.

"um, no way" said I. "I'm sorry, but I had NO idea it would cost that much"
"I can pay someone to come to my house and do my hair and makeup for $120, so I didn't want to spend much more than that, I apologise, we should have discussed prices while you were piling it on my face"

As you can imagine, I was pretty embarrassed. alt

I asked to be told how much each item was so I could decide what to buy - somehow that didn't happen and I left with the foundation and the lipstick for $110.

I have NEVER spent $42 on a lippy.

Where do you buy your makeup? Are there items you pay more for and items you will only buy from a brand name?

personally - I'll keep my avon lady thanks.

Bun In the Oven - 22nd April 2010

time to make the announcement - some of you have already heard. I'm pregnant again and am due on the 21st November.

I didn't exactly plan on being 16 weeks pregnant on my wedding day - but this addition to our family is going to come at a great time and will complete our little family unit.

I now know why the last three weeks of weight watchers was strange in the weight department. I was soooo tired and I would put on a kilo after a cup of coffee! then lose it again an hour later.

I'm keeping well and have only put on one kilo in this first 10 weeks. I hope to keep the weight gain down during the pregnancy but still keep healthy, I'm big to start with so it's definitely do-able.

I'm looking forward to experiencing baby hiccups and kicks again and of course meeting my gorgeous new baby in November.

I'm thinking pink but of course will be happy with whatever. But that baby - he or she -  better look good in pink taffeta because there are some CUTE outfits out there!

I'm Still FAT! - 31st March 2010

After 12 weeks of weightwatchers, I have lost a total of 6.3 kilos.

It's not a whole lot. But it is heaps more than I lost without weight watchers
help which was zilch!

So I'm still fat. but I'm less fat than I was, and I'm okay with that for now.

The end of the blogging does not mean the end of my weight loss efforts. far from it! I have a wedding dress to look gorgeous in, in 2 months!

I loved using the online tools with weight watchers and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to loose weight.

Especially if you spend your life online anyway!

Now, easter is approaching and even though I don't celebrate easter, chocolate

eggs always end up at our house, that damn easter bunny is not the friend of

my waistline.

So while I'm getting rid of the evidence and justifying it to myself somehow and

promising myself 17 hours of running on the treadmill to balance the egg

scoffing, here are some yummy easter recipes that are friendly to your

waistline - friendlier than a cream egg or seven anyway!

Thank you all for reading and supporting me and celebrating with me.

I think my scales are broken - 15 March 2010

I think my scales are broken.
I weighed myself yesterday morning and it was all good. Then I had a cup of coffee and weighed myself again and I had put on over a kilo!!! That is one heavy cup of coffee! and I only use skinny milk!
Then the next morning I weighed another kilo more! So that's two kilos gained in two days!
I am going to check the batteries and weigh in next week. I haven't been to the gym all week because I've been feeling a bit off.
This week is all about my upcoming assignment - it's due on the 22nd March.
So today I went to the park with Millar and we ran up and down the stairs. he loved it but he needed to be carried home as he was too exhausted to walk. So I walked for 10 minutes with a wriggly 11 kilo weight - that's a full on workout!

Yesterday there was a baby shower.... and I just stopped counting points for the day because there were cakes and muffins and biscuits and champagne. There were also carrots and celery... but anyway, I had no willpower - I had just blown up 30 pink and white balloons and wanted some god damn cake!
so my cake I did have.
Today is better - there is no cake.

but we are coming to the end of this weight watchers bloggy thing.
I've lost about 6 kilos so far and plan on continuing after this. I still have a long weigh to go (hehehe see what I did there. a pun.. funny).

anywhoo must fly and think of something yummy for dinner.... but not cake

Fell Off the Wagon - 5th March 2010

Today I went to the gym.
every day is a new day, and I know that we all need a few treats now and then, but half a bag of chocolate is a bit too treaty really. it's disgusting.

in wedding news:
posted the wedding invitations today! They were gorgeous boxed invites that took us awhile to make and cost $68 to send!
my dress only cost $40 - this seems a little unbalanced lol.

ok so, the "dress" is actually just a cheapy that I plan of covering with organza and satin and bling.
Once that is done I will post another blog to show how amazing that looks (fingers crossed).

The marquee arrived yesterday too.. very exciting.
still heaps to do but it's getting done bit by bit by bit.

feeling much better today and will go to spotlight tonight to look at fabrics to make the dress look awesome.

DIY wedding Invitations - 5th March 2010

We finally finished our wedding invitations and posted them off today.

Because we are only inviting family to the ceremony, there were only eight of these to send.
The bows were painful - I wish I could tie the perfect bow, but alas, Martha Stewart I am not.

Here are some pics for those that wanted to see them.


This is the outside of the invite - it is a black CD gift box


Then on the inside, the box is lined with black and white stripey paper.
The invitation folded and the stripes repeated - the ribbon adds ribbony goodness -
regardless of the fact it looks like an awareness week ribbon.


And the actual invitation once opened, looks a lot like this - without my details whited out of course.
the observant among you will notice that it is Millar who is inviting people to our wedding. cute? I think so.

So we are pretty happy with how they turned out and after postage charges came to $68 (my dress was only $40) we are glad we did the invites ourself and didn't get them professionally done - but on the other hand I sometimes wish we had have sent an E-vite instead and saved the money and time.... but it's just not the same.

Superwoman Where Are You? - 4 March 2010

I am finding it really hard to stay motivated.

I am so busy at the moment that I end up in this vicious circle of exhaustion.
Too tired to go to the gym, too tired to make a salad, so I have cheese on toast which makes me even more tired.

This is what I am doing this month:

I have a baby shower to co-host

Millar's birthday party

Friends coming over for a bbq next weekend

full day of mystery shopping this weekend

assignment due on 22nd March which I still have incomplete data for.

Other studying

A dress to start making

a cake to start baking – actually two cakes, wedding and millar's birthday cake.

Celebrant to pay and tell her what vows we have decided on etc etc.

wedding invitations to post – at least they are finally finished!

a billion other things to arrange for the wedding.

this is on top of the usual:

continual gymbaroo, playdates, feeding, nappies, entertaining, putting back to bed 17 times a night.

Dinners to cook

biscuits to bake

shirts to iron

clothes to wash, hang, fold and put away

beds to make

floors to vacuum

floors to mop

toilets to clean

bathrooms to clean

ovens and windows to clean

garden to weed.

So somehow in between all this I have to fit in the gym.
And frankly I just want to go to bed.
I know I'm not the only one with a billion things to do while trying to look gorgeous.

How do you all do it?

I tried to read while on an exercycle – this didn't work too well so I can't imagine that baking a cake or making a dress will go too well while exercising either.

Today I will make a better effort at eating well so that I have more energy.
The good thing about weight watchers is that a couple of bad days isn't going to kill anyone and it's so easy to get back on track.
Today will be a salad day. Fish and salad for dinner.

Housework can be a workout if you make it one –
I'll vacuum faster and dance. Pulling weeds will be a workout and a half! If you've seen my garden you'll know what I mean.

I'll take Millar to the park today too. Hopefully he'll be exhausted and sleep better tonight.

My weightloss goal for my wedding is slipping away,
but still, I have lost 5 kilos which is better than nothing and I still have 3 months to go, and any loss is better than how I looked last year right?

So I can't give up and sit on the couch and eat chips – that is pure failure and I don't even want to do that anymore.

I just want enough energy to go hard at the gym as well as doing everything else and getting an A on my assignment, throwing the best birthday party for Millar and being perfect at everything.... is that too much to ask?

Why do we try to be superwomen?